1.       Enrollment in Scholars’ Public School implies on the part of the pupil and parents a willingness to comply with the requirements and regulations 
          of the school.
2.       Students must reach school on time. Those who arrive late will be sent back home.
3.       Students who come to school without the school diary may be sent back home.
4.       Students should be neatly dressed.
5.       Students must come to class well prepared and with all the homework done.
6.        Running, playing and shouting inside the school building and in the corridors are not permitted.
7.        Change of classrooms between periods should be done in silence and in an orderly fashion.
8.        Students are advised to keep their classroom, the school building and their surroundings as neat as possible and throw waste into the dustbin.
9.        Pupils are expected to behave in a polite manner on all occasions. They should address all members of the staff with due respect and 
          politeness. They must show gentleness and courtesy to their companions. Refinement of manners, uprightness and self restraint should be the              characteristics of  every pupil of the school.
10.      No remarks once written in the diary can be cancelled by anyone except the Principal.
11.      It is expected that the juniors be treated with love and affection, while the juniors show all respect to their seniors.
12.      Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. All damage to the school’s property must be repaired at the cost of the            person(s) responsible for the damage.
13.      Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the concerned authority.
14.      Anyone who notices something damaged should report the matter even if he/she does not know who has done it.
15.      Students should avoid writing, carving or scratching on the walls and furniture. Such habits are detrimental to good education.
16.      Lending and borrowing of money and other articles are not permitted.
17.      Students are not allowed to bring books (other than the text books or library books), periodicals, magazines, printed matter of objectionable       
          nature or electronic gadgets to the school without the permission of the Principal.
18.      Every student is expected to subscribe towards small school shows and local charities if authorized by the Principal.
19.      No collections of fines or funds are to be made in the school without a written permission or notice from the Principal.
20.      No jewelry is to be worn and make-up of any kind used. Nails and hair are to be kept trimmed.
21.      Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct injurious to the tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the suspension or                dismissal of a pupil. Bullying and use of foul language are punishable offences.
22.      Every child is expected to contribute to the values and standards of the school by his/her conduct, discipline and commitment to studies.
23.      Every student must be present on the closing day and reopening day before and after each vacation.
24.      Every child attending this school is obliged to take part in the school’s activities.
25.      No child will remain in the classroom during the P.T. or games period unless permitted by the Principal.
26.      Once a pupil enters the school, he/she may not leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal. Permission will be given 
          only at the written request of the parents to the Principal. The observance of this regulation is of vital importance for the safety of the children 
          and for the school discipline.


1,       Leave of absence is granted on a written application in advance from the parents or guardian.
2.       Pupils who have been absent from class or who come to class late must have the reason entered in the regularity record stating briefly the 
          cause of absence or delay. Reasons of a private nature may be submitted in a letter.
3.       Students who have been ill should bring a medical certificate from their doctor on joining school. The certificate is to be submitted to the class               teacher.
4.       Students suffering from the following diseases must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class:
5.       Chicken Pox – till complete falling away of the scabs. 
          Cholera – till the child is completely well.
          Jaundice – six weeks after recovery.
          Measles – two weeks after rash disappears.
          Mumps – till the swelling has gone. (about a month)
          Whopping cough – six weeks.
6.       A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor’s certificate permitting him/her to 
          do so.
7.       Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than ten consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name 
          struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only on payment of fresh admission fee.
8.       It is compulsory for the students to have a record of 80% of attendance in the year to sit for the final examination. However, in Class IX and XI,               students must have an average of 90% attendance before the examination.
9.       Appointments with doctors, etc. must not be arranged during school hours.


1.       Students can avail of school transport on payment of prescribed fees. Students entitled to travel on a bus route have the responsibility of 
          maintaining discipline in the interest of safety. The following rules must be observed:
2.       All students using the school bus are to be at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before the arrival time of the bus. Parents are advised to pick up 
          their children on return from the bus stop.
3.       No student can change his/her bus route without written permission from the School Office/Bus In-charge. Short term changes in bus stops are 
          not allowed except in case of genuine emergency.
4.       The attention of the driver/conductor should be drawn to any unfamiliar object in the bus.
5.       Students will be held responsible for any damage to the buses caused by negligence or vandalism.
6.       Unruly behaviour is strictly prohibited. Courteous behaviour is expected at all times. Repeated failure to observe discipline will lead to 
         withdrawal of the bus facility.
7.      Students are to embark and disembark in an orderly manner. This will ensure greater safety of the students.
8.      No student is permitted to board any bus other than the bus he/she is entitled to.

Parents are advised not to make such arrangements without the express permission of the Principal.


1.      Strict silence and order must be maintained by all in the library.
2.      A student must have his/her library card to enter the library.
3.      All articles and personal belongings must be left outside when entering the library.
        Only a note-book and the library book, if not returned, may be taken into the library.
        Only one book will be issued per card and no student can take a book on another’s card.
        A book can be kept for one week only, after which it has to be renewed if a student wishes to keep it longer.
4.     Books exclusively for consultation are not to be taken out of the library. They remain available to all students all the time.
5.      All books used while in the library must be put back in their proper place after reading.
6.     Books borrowed from the library must be directly returned to the librarian. They must not be circulated. Students who circulate books borrowed     
         from the library may have their library cards withdrawn and may be fined as well.
7.      If any defect is noticed in a book that is being borrowed, the librarian should be notified at once. Failure to do this checking renders one liable to 
        be considered responsible for the defect noticed on the return of the book. Fines will be imposed for damages done to books and articles in the 
8.      Books lost must be replaced by the borrower.
9.     No books may be retained during long vacations.


1.     The Computer Center is a place of learning and serious work. For this ‘Silence’ is a very necessary element. Observe strict silence.
2.     Dust is the greatest enemy of the computer. Remove shoes before entering the room Wear clean socks.
3.     Take nothing into the computer room without the prior permission of the teacher.
4.     The computer is a complicated electronic instrument which is learnt through instruction and operation. Follow the instructions of the teacher 
5.     The computer is a very delicate and expensive machine. Damages must be paid for by the student. Report immediately any kind of defect or 
        damage, so that prompt action may be taken and the machine is available for the next user.
6.     Computer time is precious, don’t waste it.